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Who You Are Becoming

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Hey you. It's Ahyiana Angel back in your ears, ready to spend time with you, and you're listening to the Quit Playing Small podcast. Your space for inspired thinking, encouragement, and goodness.

Be on the hunt for who you've not yet become. It's the best mission ever. When I wrote those words, it was because I was in a space of realizing. Realizing that I was doing the work to understand myself. And although I hadn't been prompted to do the work to understand, I realized that this was a part of the journey that all of us had to go on, especially if we wanted to be the best version of ourselves.

Have you ever encountered that person who, it feels like they're constantly running from something when you really take time to think about it? What they're running from is the reality of who they. They're running from the reality of who they are, because sometimes it's hard to digest, it's hard to understand.

It is not always pretty to look at who you really are, but it is necessary if you want to make changes to who you are. Who we are is developed by our experiences, the things that we are exposed to, the people that we are nurtured by our environments. All of these things play a role in collectively forming the person that you see in front of you today for the positive or the negative.

Yet there comes a point in life where most of us decide that we want maybe to see more out of ourselves, to do better than what we're doing. That's when we start going inside and going inside is always the answer for that. When we can unravel our reasoning for doing things, when we can understand our actions, when we can understand our thought process, we can then trigger the signals that can reform it or retrain it if we feel that is necessary. And so when I say be on the hunt for who you've not yet become, it's because we're always evolving and growing. We are going through different stages in our life, and being respectful of those stages is paying attention to those stages, leaning into those stages, understanding those stages so that you can continue to better understand yourself.

And when I say it's the best mission ever is because it's like Nipsey says. It is a marathon, a mission. You think about soldiers that go to training wars, they are regularly on missions. Sometimes those missions can be quick, but sometimes they have to play the long game. And that mission can even take years, but they are dedicated to that mission because they are dedicated to the outcome.

So when you are dedicated to your mission of you, it's because you are dedicated to the outcome of developing the best version of you. And there is nothing that says that mission. We'll take a day or two. I can guarantee you it won't take a day or two. If we're talking about revamping ourselves or understanding ourselves deeper, nope, not going to take a day or two, a week or two, a year or two.

It is going to be a lifelong process because the human brain and the way that we operate, interact, act, all of those things, it can be very complex. We can even surprise ourselves sometimes, and that is why it's really important to explore yourself. To better understand yourself and to really interrogate some of the things that you thought you knew about yourself, and to sit with that and sit in those moments of the things that you don't really feel like you like about yourself so that you can interrogate and understand what is happening and how you can do things differently if that is what you choose.

So the mission to be the best version of yourself. It's a long-term mission. And that's why I feel like so many people shy away from it because that's the hard work. Me and my friends always say when we're, you know, getting deep in conversations and when we're exploring different aspects of ourselves and talking about things that we've learned and we've been through, we will regularly say, "cuz you've been doing your work."

Because we can see it. We can see it in each other. We can see it in the way that your language has changed. We can see it in the way that your presentation of self has changed. We can see it in the way that you interpret things, in the way that you are able to maybe deal with situations in a way that you would've dealt with them differently before because you are changing.

And you are doing your work. And when you're doing your work, your self-awareness increases. And really what a lot of this line is saying is be self-aware. When you are self-aware, you really, really lean into becoming the best version of yourself, and you reap those benefits. The rewards are there when you have that self-awareness.

So I hope that you are able to spend some time with yourself today. Spend some time starting with maybe just something simple like thinking about the decisions that you made today, and why you made them. Some of the thoughts that you had today and why you thought them. Some of the actions that you took today and why you took those actions.

This is the interrogation of you. Let's be clear. It's not a negative thing. It is absolutely a positive thing because it's the uncovering and it's the understanding and the more that we understand ourselves, the more that we can start to understand other people and have empathy for other people and know how to engage with them. And that just makes life a little bit easier, in my opinion.

So sit with yourself today. Uncover at least one thing maybe about yourself today, and be happy that you were able to do just that because this is your journey. Be patient with yourself, embrace yourself, and just continue to make the effort to try and understand yourself.

Thank you so much for spending time with me today. I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your day. And if you're feeling good and you like what you've heard, you know what to do. If you listen to this podcast before and you have not done it yet, head over to iTunes, Apple, or the ratings and reviews in Spotify, whatever you listen. Give us a rating, give us a review.

Um, when I say us, that really means me. That means the community cuz we all are served. When you share what you thought about the podcast, and if you've already done that, feel free to share this podcast and maybe even specifically this episode with a friend. And if this episode maybe is too much for that friend to start with, you can pop back to our affirmations episode, which aired a few episodes ago, and you can share that one.

That's a good, easy place to get started. Sending you big virtual love and hugs and as always, be well.

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This is an AI-generated episode transcript. Please forgive any errors as it has not been edited by a human. This is a Mayzie Media production. This episode of the Quit Playing Small Podcast is brought

This is an AI-generated episode transcript. Please forgive any errors as it has not been edited by a human This is a Mayzie Media production. This episode of the Quit Playing Small Podcast is brought

This is an AI-generated episode transcript. Please forgive any errors as it has not been edited by a human. This is a Mayzie Media production. This episode of the Quit Playing Small Podcast is brought

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