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Say Hello to the Quit List

Updated: Sep 22

Ahyiana Angel summering in NYC
Ahyiana Angel, Quit Playing Small Host

This is a Mayzie Media production.

Hello? Hello? Hello. It's Ahyiana Angel. I am your host and you are listening to the Quit Playing Small podcast. Ooh, feels so good to say that. I'm really geeked right now. My geekness is at an all-time high level. Yes, I did just make up that word. Geekness. I'm just so happy to be back on the mic. I'm just like excited to be talking to my people because I know a lot of you that will listen to this podcast, also used to listen to my very first podcast, which was Switch, Pivot or Quit. But right now we are talking about everything Quit Playing Small. This has been a long time coming. I've been threatening to do this podcast for a minute now, like, well, over a year, pandemic happened, all these things happen and sometimes you just have to take a beat and do things when it feels right for you not because you're just trying to rush yourself into doing something. I feel like the time that I took away from podcasting was super necessary and I learned a lot of things along the way. Not just about myself, but also about the world, about how, um, to be in relationship with people about communication, about working styles, my working style, just all these different things.

Right. I had a lot of experiences in the interim of me being away from the mic and I am extremely grateful for them all because they allow me to show up in this present space that I'm in right now with you all and hopefully share and create a bunch more goodness. That's what I'm looking forward to. So let's just dive in.

It was really challenging to think of where to start with this first episode because it feels like we have so much potential ground to cover. For me, I'm just like, ah, like, we're gonna do this, but like where do we start? And, and if I'm honest, I think that is what held me back from launching this podcast is like, where do I start?

Because for those who don't know, there is a whole book called quit, playing small, where there are tons of bits of content that you can consume at your leisure. It's really constructive for like a morning routine, but there is already all this content out there and I'm just like, where do I start within this content that I've already created?

So, let's do a little setting the tone, maybe first. Let's start there. So Quit Playing Small. Hmm. I think those words will hit different and mean something different to each person. Would you agree with me? I hope you do. Because what you're thinking, when you hear the words, Quit Playing Small, really think about it.

Like, what does that mean to you? How does that make you feel? Like, why did you click on this podcast? What are you in hopes of gaining from listening? Everybody's answer is probably going to be different. So I'll share a little bit with you about what my hopes are. On this pod, I really want it to be helpful.

I wanna be vulnerable. I wanna be open. I want this space to be approachable, informative, empathetic, and top, top, top for me is I want it to be real. If you know anything about me from previous experience with me, or if this is your first time meeting me, hello, nice to meet you, but you'll get to know that I cherish authenticity and realness and sometimes straight talk, you know.

Those are things that sometimes we are lacking in our day-to-day interactions with people. And so to me, I feel like that can be something that can bring great value to this space. And while not everything that we touch on on this podcast will resonate with or speak to every person. I encourage you to take what you need and leave behind what you think you don't need.

And I was thinking about the name, Quit Playing Small and something I wanna be clear about is that the idea and vibe for this pod is motivation. The vibe is definitely not to be coming from a place of like applying pressure and, you know, just getting on people like a drill Sergeant or Quit Playing Small.

Like that is not what we wanna go for at all, but rather we wanna come from a place of an experience together exploring and shining a light on opportunity. So when I say Quit Playing Small words, like opportunity come into my head, cuz I'm not here to like whip anybody into shape, but rather to extend my hand, to guide you where I can and support you, if I can and bring you voices that are experienced and willing to help you do the same things that I'm willing to help you do.

Because when we think about it, there are so many things that they don't tell us about this thing called life or this thing called adulthood. Sometimes it can feel really ghetto and unappealing. Okay. But my hope is that together through learning and that vulnerability that we touched on and honesty, we can make it feel. This life that is, we can make it feel like a luxurious day spa experience that we get to wake up and indulge in day after day. Like that's how we want it to feel. And if we work together on this, we got this, I think it's just that sometimes we need each other to lean on. And so I want the Quit Playing Small podcast to be a place that you can lean on.

And if I'm honest, I'm here for what you're here for too. I'm here for encouragement. I'm here for inspiration to figure things out. I'm here to push myself past where I am. I'm here to feel good. And so that's what I want us to do together. Sometimes when we're chatting, because I'm here for everything that you're here for. I'll be reminding myself of some of the things too. You know, the things that we need to be reminded of sometimes. Yeah. I'll be talking to myself too, and my guests will be talking to me too. And so while I mention guests, let's talk about that briefly. I don't plan on having guests every week, but guests will be incorporated.

So now that I think we're done setting all the tones and giving all the vibes and all the things. Let's start with our first topic which, like I said, it was intimidating to think of where to start by the time you hear this episode, it will be my birthday because this first episode is going to release on my birthday and that was done with intention.

I felt like my birthday was appropriate because it's my personal new year. And, you know, when you go into your personal new year, a lot of times you set goals and there's exploration that you wanna do. And so I felt like the timing of entering a new phase with a new pod would just be perfect.

And so, here we are. You're listening on my birthday. And if you want to give me a birthday gift, all you need to do is share this pod with somebody else that you think would enjoy it. That is all I need for my birthday. Okay. Um, all I want from my birthday is for you to share this show! All I want from my birthday is for you to share this show! That's not the exact same beat, but you get where I'm coming from.

So back to our first topic. I settled on starting with the first word in the name of this pod, which is quit. And it's funny that this word quit is present in the name of my very first pod Switch, Pivot or Quit as well. So I was thinking, yeah, that's the right place, right?

I think there's something to it. So I wanted to run with it. The definition of quit is the first thing that came up for me. In summary, to quit can mean to stop something or to leave or rid yourself of something. And let's drill in on that last part, rid right to rid yourself of something. What could we rid ourselves of that would make us better?

Mm. Sit with that for a second. What can you rid yourself of that would allow you to show up better daily? Maybe. What could you rid yourself of that would allow you to have some of your time back? What could you rid yourself of that would allow you to start something you've been ideating around? What could we rid ourselves of that would allow us to engage in something we've been wanting to do?

Think about it, really think about it. Like it could even be something small that you do on a daily basis, like a bad habit. And you know, you shouldn't be doing it anymore. It doesn't serve you. You don't wanna be doing it anymore. And if you stop doing it, you might have some of your time back. In other words, what can you quit doing so that you can invite a better, brighter existence into your future?

Of course, I have an idea. Let's make a quit list. Yes, I watch too many movies sometimes like spy movies and stuff like that. And you've heard of a hit list. Whether it be a hit list for music, a hit list for unsavory things, whatever it is, let's make a quit list. That quit list is the things that you want to rid yourself of the things, the habits, the actions, so that the goals that you have can actually come to life.

Because you have more time, you have more space, more mental capacity, all the things you're setting yourself up for the win to accomplish these things that you actually want to accomplish in life. Whatever that may be. It might not even be some big dramatic goal. It might be the small things. Sometimes we think when we hear these words like goals, ambition, and, and all these things that they have to be the big things.

Sometimes it can be the little things too. So I want you to start thinking about your quit list. What does it look like? Of course, I came up with some ideas for you just to get your mind swirling and twirling and turning to help you get started on your quit list. These are some of my ideas.

Quit dimming your light. Quit playing the background. Quit putting off your goals. Quit procrastinating, quit doubting yourself. Quit wondering what if. Quit thinking you're not ready, quit stalking some of the people that you admire, quit thinking you need more time. Quit thinking you have to perfect. Quit waiting for approval. Quit spending so much time on social media, quit saying yes to things you know you want to say no to. Quit people pleasing, quit overthinking, quit wasting your time with people who don't have the best intentions for you. Quit comparing yourself to people you don't know, quit limiting beliefs, quit allowing negativity to swirl and occupy space in your mind. Quit waiting for and expecting perfection.

Obviously, I can go on and on and on with the general things that many of us need to quit, but you can fill out this list better than I can, because, you know if you can get honest with yourself, create this list with intention, you know what this list should actually look like and you know exactly what you deserve. And so you'll know what to put on this. To get to the other side and to get to the things that you deserve.

Okay, so it wouldn't be fair if I didn't share with you a few things that I added to my quit list. So first thing, quit thinking that everyone else is smarter than me. That is, that's been something that I've noticed later on in life that I've been doing since I was younger. And I think that goes back to the education system and how we are treated in school.

If you are just an average student, you are not made to feel special. You're not made to feel bright. You're not made to feel like you have anything worth, um, shining a light on, I was an average student. And so for a long time, I think I felt like everybody else knew more than me and was smarter than me, all the other kids, you know?

And I think a part of me carried that into adulthood. sometimes I find myself defaulting to what somebody else has said is the right answer or what have you versus trusting myself. And so that is something that I'm working on and that I wanna quit next up, quit putting off things. I know I want or need to get done.

Yeah. I'm guilty. The procrastination, like, yeah, I'm guilty of it too. What I do to try and help myself is to make a list on my whiteboard and put it obviously where I can see it. And so then that, that keeps it like top of mind for me, like, get this done. What are you dragging your feet about? Like, get this done, come on.

Um, the next thing I added to my list is quit allowing people to take up space in my life that don't bring the value I'm in need of. Quit waiting for things to unfold and be more intentional with my desires and dreams. Quit getting sucked into these TV shows, staying up way later than I should, and then not being as productive as I should be the next day.

And finally, quit playing the background. All of these things on my quit list are things that I am struggling with working through. And so I'm going to continuously keep these things top of mind as things that I wanna quit doing. And I think the more that I keep them top of mind, the more that it'll become a reality as I continuously remind myself uh, stop doing that.

Check that thing off your list. Like, you know what I mean? It'll just keep me invested in the things that I need to quit doing so I can do the things and make space for the things that I want to do.

Well, this episode has been much longer than I wanted it to be, but I hope that you enjoyed spending time with me. I have enjoyed being back, spending time with you, and I hope you're feeling activated, motivated, and dedicated to shining today. Let's get out there and let's Quit Playing Small and I will connect with you on the next episode.

Take care.

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This is a Mayzie Media production. This episode of the Quit Playing Small podcast is brought to you by I quit playing small.com, where you can get your copy of the Quit Playing Small companion book to

This is a Mayzie media production. This episode of the Quit Playing Small podcast is brought to you by I quit playing small.com, where you can get your copy of the Quit Playing Small companion book to