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Breathe Into It

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Hello, most awesome one. I am Ahyiana Angel and you are listening to the Quit Playing Small podcast. I'm your host in this space and I wanna invite you in because this is your space for inspired thinking. I want you to challenge yourself on how you can get better and play bigger in life. I hope you're ready.

My awesome friend in my head. How are you? I hope you've been having a great week this week. A week that's been filling you up, and if you haven't been, hopefully, you are in the right place and space to get filled up. To finish out that week strong today, we're gonna be talking about breathing.

I'm going to share with you an experience that I had yesterday. I did my very first breathwork session, so I'm gonna take you through what that experience was like. But first I wanna share a little something with you.

You will breathe greater life into your dreams if you celebrate every tiny victory. Every tiny win. Sometimes we set out on this journey in life and we have these big, grandiose goals. And we hold ourselves back from celebrating until we reach one of those goals or some big aspect of that goal. But I'm here to tell you, we don't need to do that.

Life is too short for that in fact. We need to be celebrating ourselves all the time, and that doesn't mean that you have to throw a big party and do it up. It just means that you need to acknowledge your wins. You need to celebrate yourself, whatever that looks like, pouring back into yourself, giving to yourself, shining a light on yourself.

That could be things as simple as taking yourself out to dinner, treating yourself to something that you've been wanting. Because often we put so much stress and pressure on ourselves to win the big wins that we overlook the little wins, the little accomplishments. They count too. Chasing your goals daily.

It can feel draining. It can feel daunting. It can feel like you're just not getting. Some days can seem horrid when it feels like nothing is going your way. And you might feel like, am I ever going to get to where I want to be? And then there are other days when the stars align and things seem like they are actually falling into place.

You are winning at life at everything you try your hand at, at everything you touch. It is turning to gold.

Take in those moments, in those days when things are aligning and going good for you, remember those feelings? Channel those feelings when you might not be feeling like things are going the best.

Celebrating our victories, that's a form of gratitude. Have you ever thought about it in that way? That's the way that I look at it. It's a form of gratitude and acknowledgment of the positive in your life, being appreciative of what is happening for you and not looking at things like they're happening to you, but being appreciative of what is happening for you. Gratitude draws in positivity, and the more that you can keep yourself operating from a positive head space, the more that you can have a clear head as you move forward.

You're not worried about the things that are not going to go your way. You are focused on the appreciation of the things that have gone your way and that are going your way. There's potential for so many things to deviate from your plan and to devastate your reality that we want to celebrate the things that uplift us, the things that go positively in our direction so that we can keep a thread and a theme, of positivity of gratitude, of celebration in our lives, and appreciation.

Why not? Right?

So, as I share with you at the top of the show today, I did my very first breathwork session. Before I even started I did my normal routine of waking up in a spirit of gratitude. I actually worked out this morning, which was something that , I haven't been doing like I was doing at one point. So today I was intentional about getting my body moving before I had this session, and the session was so good.

Okay? But I'm jumping ahead at myself. Let me tell you how I got here. I got here because a friend of mine has worked with this wellness expert before and her name is Dominiece and she is amazing from what I heard. She really pours into you. She knows her stuff.

She's very intentional with the work that she does, and so when I heard that she was offering these breathwork sessions, I was like, Ooh, I gotta get in on that. I've never had a breathwork session, didn't know what to expect. Did not know what I was walking into, but it just sounded like something that I needed to be a part of and something that I needed to experience for myself to maybe pour into myself and make me better. So of course, I signed up. These sessions were 30-minute sessions. She did a great job of reminding you when your session was going to be and letting you know what to do to be prepared for your session. So I show up to my session on Zoom. This is virtual. Everything is virtual, so you can do it from wherever you live.

Show up. I have my environment created because she tells you to set the tone for yourself before you even get into your session. Set your intention for your space and how you want to participate in this session. So I have my yoga mat out. I have my cozy blanket, a pillow, my journal, and I'm ready to go.

And this experience was really, really something that I needed. It poured into me in a way that I didn't realize I needed. I got emotional. I felt my breathing releasing things from my body, and this was everything that I needed. So Dom had me set my intention, for the session, which I did, and if you head to my Instagram, Ahyiana dot Angel, you'll see a little reel that I did, and you'll know that, I set my intention to release some angst.

So specifically I wanted to release angst around things that are coming up for me, projects that I'm working on, and just things that are happening in life. I wanted to release some of that. And I wanted to call in and breathe in a spirit and energy of calmness, of confidence, and a spirit of trusting the universe and what the universe has for me and God, and what God has for me, being in a space of trust.

And so what Dom did was she reminded me of all of those things while in the midst of my breathwork session. Every word that she shared within that session was super intentional based off of what my intentions were for the session. Before we got started, she shared with me different modalities of breathing, which I knew nothing about, and I was like a, wow, I could see how this could impact you. And so during the session, she guided me through those different methods of breathing, and she told me which methods she wanted to introduce into my session based off of what my intentions were.

You can lay down, you can sit up, you can do whatever feels most comfortable for you. For me, I decided to lay down. I decided to allow my body to just really relax and fall into the moment of this breathwork. And so that's exactly what I did.

And when I sat up, from the breathwork session. Once it concluded, I felt so good. I felt emotional, as I mentioned, and one of the reasons that I felt emotional was because Dom really shared with you and made it clear that she was holding space for you. And I think as we go throughout our days, we have people in our lives that we commune with and that we speak to on a regular basis.

But think about it, do you have someone in your life who is really holding space for you? That was really impactful for me and really just like touched me in a way because sometimes. We can feel so isolated in our lives, especially if you don't have someone holding space for you.

So I love that I've been introduced into this breathwork. I remembered some things that I'm going to do on my own to help me breathe into my greatness, to help me breathe into a calmer, more level-headed space that I wanna be in to help me breathe into celebrating myself on a regular basis.

So I'm so grateful to Dom for allowing me this experience, and I hope that it inspires you to maybe seek out a similar experience or maybe do some breathwork of your own on your own. Because we have to continuously pour into ourselves if we want to be the best version of ourselves, and if we ultimately want to Quit Playing Small.

Thank you so much for spending time with me this week. I hope that the rest of your week is filled with joy, it's filled with goodness, is filled with some.

Deep breathing and some appreciation for your life and the things that are going right in your life. Until next time, be well.

Quit Playing Small Book - https://amzn.to/2EENAbb

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This is a Mayzie Media production. Hello, most awesome one. I'm Ahyiana Angel, and you are listening to the Quit Playing Small podcast. Your space for inspired thinking, encouragement, and good old go

This is a Mayzie Media production. This episode of the Quit Playing Small podcast is brought to you by I quit playing small.com, where you can get your copy of the Quit Playing Small companion book to

This is a Mayzie media production. This episode of the Quit Playing Small podcast is brought to you by I quit playing small.com, where you can get your copy of the Quit Playing Small companion book to