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Quit Playing Small Book by Ahyiana Angel


I'm Ahyiana Angel

After being fed up with my career and having this nagging feeling that I was supposed to be doing more, I quit my job as an entertainment sports publicist for the NBA. Determined to get my first manuscript published, within four months I had a deal in hand with Simon & Schuster. I moved to London and had an amazing time traveling the world before my first book was released exactly eleven months later nationwide because I had finally Quit Playing Small.

For you, it may not be writing a book, but because you're here I know there's at least one area of your life where you're playing small. 

It's time to take the first step and order your copy of the Quit Playing Small book today!

Author + Podcast Host

Best Book for Your Morning Routine

Daily Encouragement You Didn't Know You Needed To Reach Your Version of Success

Quit Playing Small Book
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Quit Playing Small is the essential source of daily encouragement that you didn’t know you needed. Author and Switch, Pivot or Quit® Podcast Host, Ahyiana Angel, tackles day-to-day doubts flipping them on their head with her practical advice, equipping you with quick mindset shifts to help you take control of your days and feed your spirit with thought-provoking inspirations.


Each section was thoughtfully created to help you re-energize the confidence you need daily to develop a strategy and be bold enough to navigate this complex series of scenarios called life.


The fluid structure allows you to start from any point that best suits your needs. Similar to the Switch, Pivot or Quit® podcast —named one of “The 6 Best Podcasts To Listen To For Career Advice” by and featured among Apple Podcasts “Bold Women”—the pages of Quit Playing Small will inspire action, evoke emotion, and spark ideas to achieve greatness.


It's a collection of inspiration for people who are ready to push themselves past their limits to reach their greatest potential. It's layers of life lessons, insights, and encouragement from a sassy big-sister type.


Motivation to take action is a great summary for this book. The advice is real and will get you all the way together to overcome excuses or any hurdle that’s holding you back from greatness. Must read!

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